“One moment, you were laughing wildly in mock offense, sopping your forgotten beer down your shirt; the next, everything blew to blinding white as the train’s headlights stared you down.

Wham, bam, thank you ma’am: welcome to the underworld.” 

Half a decade ago, Ike Abramov was a loudmouthed wild-child with dreams of literary glory. Then adulthood hit.
But after a fluke accident (train tracks and malt liquor don't mix), he awakens in the dark halls of the underworld with a new purpose: to find his way home.
Beset by dismal landscapes and distorted ghosts, Ike must confront both the Lords of the Dead and his own overwhelming longing for the past.
 6.5" x 8.25" softcover booklet. 50 pages, saddle stitched.
Some mild swearing.
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